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How would you like to add an additional revenue stream to your business without having to bring in new customers?

PDQ Labels is a leading label printing company that is well known for providing custom labels to resellers. One of our many services include printing labels & flexible packaging that can be resold with a margin added by the reseller, as well as drop shipping those labels in plain packaging directly to the reseller’s customers.

One of the advantages of working with PDQ Labels is the flexibility they offer to their resellers. With their custom label printing services, resellers can order labels that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences, including size, shape, colour, and design. PDQ Labels can print any kind of label, from product labels to shipping labels, and can even print labels that are resistant to water, chemicals, and other harsh conditions.

Another benefit of working with PDQ Labels is their drop-shipping service. This means that they can ship labels directly to the reseller’s customers, without any mention of PDQ Labels or branding on the packaging. This can be particularly useful for resellers who don’t have the resources or infrastructure to handle shipping themselves.

Resellers can also take advantage of PDQ Labels’ competitive pricing, which can allow them to increase their profit margins. PDQ Labels offers volume discounts and other special pricing options for resellers who order large quantities of labels.

Overall, PDQ Labels is an excellent option for resellers who need high-quality custom labels and want the flexibility of printing labels with a margin, as well as the convenience of drop-shipping in plain packaging. Their expertise and experience in the label printing industry make them a reliable partner for any reseller looking to expand their product offerings and increase their revenue.

If you are in the business of:

  • Selling print media
  • Packaging products
  • Fulfillment houses
  • Stationary provider
  • Sign writers

Why don’t you contact us and see how we can help you by providing quality labels to your customers and keep them with you longer.

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