Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels
Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are a way to uniquely identify products and items using a series of black and white lines or bars of varying thicknesses. In Australia, the most commonly used type of barcode is the Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode.

To create barcode labels for a product in Australia, you will need to obtain a unique barcode number from GS1 Australia, the organization responsible for managing the allocation of barcode numbers in Australia. This number is also known as a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and is used to identify the product and its packaging.

Once you have a GTIN, you can generate a barcode image using a barcode software or a barcode generator website. This barcode image can then be printed on the product label along with the product name, brand, and other relevant information.

When the barcode is scanned at a point-of-sale or other location, the GTIN is transmitted to a database that stores information about the product, such as its price, description, and inventory levels. This information can then be used for various purposes, such as tracking sales and managing inventory.

In summary, barcodes are an important part of product labeling in Australia, and obtaining a unique GTIN from GS1 Australia is essential to create a barcode that can be used to identify your product.

Once you have your barcode you can supply it to us and we can print it on a label using a material to suit your application. Some common types of material used are polypropylene (common with chemical and beverage labelling), blockout (used to cover up existing information on a label, cartons of pamphlet), Thermal (common in the food and transport industries)
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