BOPP film printed using flexographic printing!

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film is a popular material for packaging due to its excellent mechanical properties, optical clarity, and moisture resistance. Flexographic printing is a widely used printing process that is ideal for printing on film.

Flexographic printing involves the use of flexible printing plates made from photopolymer material. The printing plates are wrapped around a rotating cylinder, which transfers ink to the substrate. The process is fast and efficient and can print large volumes of high-quality images with precision.

When printing on film, proper plate selection and press setup are critical for achieving high-quality prints. Flexographic printing plates with the correct durometer and relief depth can provide a consistent ink transfer and improve the quality of the print.

Flexographic printing is an ideal process for printing on film due to its efficiency and precision. When printing on film, it is important to use fast-drying ink with good adhesion and select the correct film thickness, plate selection, and press setup to achieve high-quality prints.

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