Bakery Labels

Bakery Labels
Bakery Label printing

Welcome to PDQ Labels, your shop for all your bakery labels. We specialise in creating high-quality labels that are perfect for use in bakeries of all sizes. Our labels are available in various types, including thermal transfer and direct thermal, and we can also create custom-made labels on synthetics and papers with embellishments such as foiling, laminates, and spot varnishing.

Thermal Transfer Labels:

Our thermal transfer labels are perfect for use in bakeries where durability and long-lasting quality are a must. These labels are made using a printing process that transfers the ink onto the label material using heat and a ribbon. This process results in a label that is scratch-resistant and can withstand a range of temperatures, making them perfect for use on bakery items such as bread, cakes, and pastries.

Direct Thermal Labels:

Our direct thermal labels are ideal for use in bakeries where short-term labeling is required. These labels are made using a printing process that utilizes heat-sensitive paper, which creates a print when exposed to heat. Direct thermal labels are a great option for use on items that have a short shelf life, such as baked goods that are sold on the same day they are made.

Custom-Made Labels:

At PDQ Labels, we understand that every bakery is unique, which is why we offer custom-made labels. We can create labels to your exact specifications, including size, shape, and design. Our custom-made labels are available in a range of materials, including synthetics and papers, and can be embellished with options such as foiling, laminates, and spot varnishing.


Our embellishment options are perfect for adding an extra touch of sophistication to your bakery labels. Foiling is a great option for adding a metallic finish to your labels, while laminates can provide a protective coating that helps to prevent fading, scratching, and smudging. Spot varnishing is another option that can be used to highlight specific parts of your label design, adding depth and texture.

In conclusion, PDQ Labels is your go-to solution for all your bakery label needs. Our range of label types and custom-made options ensures that we have a solution that is perfect for your bakery’s needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help your bakery stand out with high-quality labels.