Label Printing Software

Bartender label software is a powerful tool that can be used to design and print high-quality labels for a wide range of applications. This software is particularly useful with customised labels, such as the thermal transfer and direct thermal labels we produce.

With Bartender label software, you can create labels with different sizes, shapes, and designs. The software comes with a wide range of design templates, graphics, and fonts that you can use to create your labels. Additionally, you can import your own graphics, logos, and other images to make your labels truly unique.

One of the key benefits of Bartender label software is its ability to connect to databases and other data sources, which makes it easy to create and print labels with variable data. For example, if you need to print labels with different serial numbers or batch numbers, you can easily import this information from a database and create a template that will automatically populate the labels with the correct data.

Another useful feature of Bartender label software is its support for both thermal transfer and direct thermal labels. This means that you can design labels for both types of printing methods and easily switch between them as needed. Thermal transfer labels require a printer with a ribbon, while direct thermal labels do not.

To use Bartender label software with PDQ Label Printing Company’s thermal transfer and direct thermal labels, you will need to select the appropriate label template and set up your printer settings. Once you have designed your label, you can preview it on the screen and make any necessary adjustments before printing.

Overall, Bartender label software is a powerful tool for designing and printing customised labels. Whether you need to create labels for your products, packaging, or shipping materials, this software can help you create high-quality labels that meet your specific needs.

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