Direct Thermal Label Printing

direct thermal label printing
direct thermal label printing

Direct thermal label printing. These are a type of label that uses a heat-sensitive material to produce an image without the need for ink, ribbons, or toners. These labels are commonly used in a variety of industries due to their cost-effectiveness and simplicity.

Industries That Use and Benefit From Direct Thermal Labels

The food and beverage industry often uses direct thermal labels to label products such as bottles, jars, and cans. These labels are ideal for this industry because they are easy to apply and when using the correct thermal material can withstand moisture and cold temperatures.

The retail industry also benefits from the use of direct thermal labels. These labels can be used to print barcodes, pricing information, and other important details. They are easy to apply and do not require any special equipment, making them a popular choice for small businesses.

Logistics and warehousing are other industries that commonly use direct thermal labels. These labels can be used to track inventory, mark packages for shipment, and label storage containers. Direct thermal labels are durable and can withstand rough handling, making them ideal for these industries.

How PDQ Labels & Flexible Packaging Can Produce Direct Thermal Labels to Customers’ Needs

PDQ Labels & Flexible Packaging is a leading supplier of direct thermal labels. They offer a wide range of custom labeling solutions to meet the needs of various industries. PDQ Labels & Flexible Packaging uses state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality labels that meet their customers’ specifications.

PDQ Labels & Flexible Packaging can produce direct thermal labels in various sizes, colors, and materials. We offer a range of adhesive options to ensure the label adheres to the product’s surface correctly. PDQ Labels & Flexible Packaging can also produce direct thermal labels with pre-printed information, such as barcodes or logos.


Direct thermal label printing is an affordable and convenient labeling solution that many industries benefit from. PDQ Labels & Flexible Packaging offers a range of custom labeling solutions, including direct thermal labels, that meet their customers’ needs. With their state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, PDQ Labels & Flexible Packaging is a reliable supplier for all your labeling needs.

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